The starting point of the history of Rolex is the grandiose conception of Hans Wilsdorf, its founder. Hans Wilsdorf established a timepiece distributing company in London in 1906. He was only 24 years and already had dreams of a watch being worn on the wrist, which was tasteful and precise. He soon invented the first-ever Rolex waterproof, self-winding wristwatch. Rolex watches have since been the yardstick by which all other watches are measured in quality and stature.

More than a hundred years later, the brand continues to produce exceptional watches that are sold worldwide. Luckily these are also available online, making them accessible to everyone who loves classy and sophisticated watches.

Buy Rolex Wrist Watches Online for Men and Women

In addition to the trademark Rolex models like the Datejust and the Day-Date, Rolex fabulous collections like the Explorer, Submariner, and Daytona. These watches are available in styles that appeal to men and women alike. Some of the most popular models are:

• The Datejust models are popular with both men and women. The original 41mm Rolex Datejust continues to be a bestseller and is unisex. It is a classic style for men and has a larger, more heavyset look on a woman’s wrist, which is very trendy. There are more petite women’s models at just 28 mm. They are made of Rolex’s special oyster steel case. Some of the women’s models have an 18ct Everose gold diamond-studded fixed bezel.

• The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is among the most coveted Rolex men’s watches. The watch was released originally in 1963, the second series was released in 1988, and the third series was released in 2000. The third series of the watch brought movement manufactured in-house by Rolex. It has a tachymetric scale, elapsed-time hours, and minute displays. The sweep seconds hand displays to 1/8 of a second.

Choose Your Favorite Rolex Watch Model

No matter your style or need, there is a Rolex that is meant for you.

• If you travel a lot through different time zones, the Rolex GMT Master II is a perfect choice. Besides the regular hour, minute, and second hands, it has another hand for displaying Greenwich Meantime, the world’s time standard. The extra hand goes around a 24-hour bezel, and you can always tell what time it is in the place you are in.

• For a corporate head honcho, the all-gold Rolex Day-Date is a classically luxurious watch that looks immaculate with a sharply cut business suit. The newer models measure a compact 36mm. They are water-resistant up to 100 meters and can run for up to 70 hours.

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