Benefits of Buying Luxury Watches from Grey Market Dealers

Before you read on, it’s important to understand that a grey market watch dealer is not the same as an illegal dealer. It is one option to buy imported luxury watches from distributors who are not licensed or authorized by the watch manufacturer. Here are some points to note about the benefits of using a grey market watch dealer’s services.

  1. The watches are genuine: Grey market watches are authentic and made by the original manufacturer. They are not discarded, stolen, or fake. Many dealers have an excellent reputation and can get you the authentic luxury watches you want, which may not be available for sale in your country. Most of these watches are sourced from authorized dealers and trade shows and are checked thoroughly. They are sold only when the dealer is convinced there are no flaws and the product is real.
  • The pricing is attractive: Authorized dealers are often required to buy watches in bulk from the mostly Swiss manufacturer. They are not permitted to return unsold stock. When dealers are left with unsold inventory, they tend to pass them onto grey market agents at highly discounted rates. These watches are then available for sale at attractive prices, sometimes up to 40% lower than the original price.
  • There is a good variety: Another major advantage of grey market dealers is they have almost all the models of the luxury watch. Authorized dealers are not as well-stocked and will normally carry the later or more popular variants. Grey market resellers can also source watches from discontinued lines vintage watches which are not easily available.
  • They offer extended warranties: A big drawback of buying a grey-market watch is because the warranty for manufacturing defects is invalidated since the watch will not be sold with the original certificate of warranty. However, the good news is that some of the bigger and well-reputed dealers will offer you their warranty, sometimes going up to five years to ensure your beloved watch is in tip-top condition.
  • You can trade-in your older watch: If you love to wear the latest luxury watch, you may not want to hang onto them for years. A company-appointed watch dealer or exclusive outlet will not be able to help you upgrade an older model. On the other hand, grey market dealers will help you sell your older watch and trade it in for a new version.

There is no need to be stressed about ethical issues.  There are many benefits of buying luxury watches from grey market dealers.

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