7 Things Always Keep In Mind When Buy Rolex Grey Dial Watches Online

Rolex Grey Dial Watches Online

An elegant watch not only elevates your style but also helps you make a statement about your personality. Rolex has been an aristocratic watch brand for ages. The brand goes back as long as 1905 and has produced over 800,000 pieces by 2019. It is not only an accessory but is considered worldwide as a status symbol. The purpose behind purchasing a Rolex watch goes way beyond consumerism or mere material achievements. The brand has been inculcated into aristocracy and is an emblem of exquisite taste and intellect. As mentioned above, the Rolex Grey Dial Watch with Diamond 6 O’Clock Roman Marker fulfills all the aspects of buying a Rolex. It is a popular piece with women and has been roving the market for quite some time.

Here are seven things you should remember while searching for a Rolex Grey Dial Watch online:

  1. The manufacturer: The reliability of the product lies in the reputation of the company. Rolex has been an eminent watch manufacturing brand since time immemorial. The company mostly produces mechanical watches but has extended to quartz watch manufacturing as well. During the late 1960s and 1970s, the company’s engineers contributed to the Oysterquartz collection of the brand by implementing the quartz watch-making technology. The brand has three different watch lines- the Oyster Perpetual, Professional, and Cellini.
  2. Notable Models: Rolex has been known for making some of the most expensive watches of all time. Some of them are the Rolex Daytona wristwatch manufactured in 1968, which was sold by Philips in its New York auction for $17.75 million on October 26, 2017, the Rolex Daytona Unicorn Reference 6265 sold on May 28, 2018, for $5.937 million by Phillips, the Rolex GMT Ice reference which was sold at a retail price of $485,350 and so forth. The Rolex Grey Dial Watch is priced at $10,550 only and belongs to the collection of the moderately priced piece of the company.
  3. Second-hand Rolex: Purchasing a Rolex can provide you with a sense of achievement and confidence and easily be considered a milestone in life. However, many people consider buying a second-hand model of the Rolex line due to the heavy pricing and the quality control of the pieces. A second-hand Rolex is as good as new and possesses more oomph due to its vintage properties and appearance. For instance, a second-hand Rolex Grey Dial watch would be available for 1000$ less than its original price. Though it is a relatively new launch, a second-hand model can add to its grace more.
  4. Properties of the Rolex Grey Dial Watch: The piece is an automatic stainless steel watch with a Roman diamond marker, as mentioned before. It provides a manufacturer guarantee of five years and comes in a complete set, with the Watch, Box, tags, and warranty booklet. The Dark Grey dial provides a sunlight finish that can create delicate reflections on all these Oyster Perpetual Collection Watches, including the Rolex Grey Dial Watch. The watch is equipped with a power reserve of approximately 55 hours. The bracelet is made of oyster, flat three-piece links.
  5. Water resistance: The watch is waterproof to 100 meters or 330 feet.
  6. Winding crown: It has a timeless design with a screw-down, twin clock double waterproof system. It is a bidirectional self-winding watch that works through a Perpetual rotor.
  7. Crystal design: It has a scratch-resistant sapphire design, with a cyclops lens over the date.

The Rolex Grey Dial Watch is a practical and graceful buy for the modern aristocracy. You can treat yourself to this elegant piece when celebrating an achievement or for gifting purposes as well.

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